Plains bison

There are things you never think you’ll see in your life. John and I are visiting Brendan and Cristen in Edmonton for the Thanksgiving weekend and yesterday we drove out to Elk Island National Park where they’d hiked the previous weekend. It’s a very beautiful park, with marshes and lakes and skeins of trumpeter swans flying overhead. We walked the Lakeview Trail and had a picnic among poplars and sweet-smelling spruce. And we saw so many plains bison, about as impressive an animal as any on earth.

The Park brochure says this about them: “Bison begin to breed (rut) mid-July; listen for the deep low roar of bull bison as they entice females.” We were too late for this song, I guess, but one look at the face of this guy, his mild curious eyes and his jaunty horns, and maybe particularly his soul patch, and I was smitten.


~ by theresakishkan on October 9, 2011.

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